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About Alana

I’ve loved books since I could read, and at any given time I’m in the middle of five different books on my e-reader. No matter what genre I try, I always come back to my first love—romance.

Perhaps it’s no accident that one of my first memories is watching the infamous scene in Spartacus where two slaves are thrown together in a cell and forced to mate. (Um yeah, you no longer have to wonder where the idea for Zar came from.) And don’t even ask how weird my parents were for having me watch that when I was in pre-school.

I started writing sci-fi abduction romances in my head before it was a “thing.” Now that I’m writing it, my mind won’t turn off, throwing me more plot ideas than I could write in two lifetimes.

I write under a pen name because I’m still a practicing psychotherapist and didn’t think my clients would want to be privy to the sexy stories I write for fun. I think my history as a therapist gives me unique insight into people’s thoughts, feelings and motivations and provides my writing the ring of truth and deep emotion.

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I’ve specialized in working with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder since the beginning of my career. Maybe this is why most of my characters have some…issues. Don’t we all? Even though many of my characters have been scarred and traumatized, I make them work hard to earn their happily ever after, which is guaranteed in every book––because they deserve it.

I know life is hard and the path to true love is littered with potholes and poor choices. That’s why it’s easy to write books with real themes about real people who encounter real difficulties before the characters find their well-deserved bliss. I guarantee no “too stupid to live” heroines and no ridiculous misunderstandings. My characters’ struggles are real and compelling—just like yours.