I Found This Romantic Snippet for Down to Two

Dear Readers,

I’m doing an edit on Down to Two and found this romantic snippet I thought I’d share.

1213 and Sadie have been entered into The Game against their will and only one out of fifty couples will survive.

Love blooms while running for their lives. Here’s what 1213, a genetically engineered super-soldier tells Sadie after they escape a thundering herd of predators:

“I won’t run away to save myself,” I say levelly. “I wish you’d quit asking, because this time and the next and the next the answer will be no. Not only is it foolish because we both know that if you die, I’m a dead male, but more important…” I pause to take a breath and gather my nerve. “More important is that I care for you. I won’t even ask if you approve of it. I’ll just tell you that in my mind you’re mine. Mine to care for. Mine to protect. Mine to touch and kiss and bring to completion. I’d die a thousand times to protect you.”

I love all three of these Galaxy Games books: Down to One, Down to Two, and Down to Three because of how the intense action brings the hero and heroine together rather than driving them apart.


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