Galaxy Gladiators Alien Abduction Romance Series Box Set: Books 1, 1.5, 2, and 3: Zar, Terminus, Shadow, Tyree

Ten human women are abducted to be sold into sexual slavery. They’re each thrown into the cell of an alien gladiator on their way to the auction block.

Find out how this ragtag bunch of slaves overthrow their captors and find love in the first three books of the series PLUS a bonus novella about Shadow’s backstory.

Snatched from Earth. Bound for Slavery. Can love offer escape?

Abducted from Earth, aboard a slave ship, Anya is thrown into a cell with Zar, a handsome half-lion gladiator, and forced to breed or be killed.

Zar’s life is an unbroken nightmare consisting of sleep, eat, fight, repeat. He’s not interested in helping Anya, and he’s definitely not interested in love. Except she’s the first female to ever touch his heart–or remind him he has a soul.

Born into privilege, groomed to be a playboy—it’s Dakon’s last day as a free male.

A naive young stud is no match for the Galaxy’s premier criminal.

When his parents cheat the dangerous boss of the MarZan cartel, Dakon has to pay—possibly with his life.

This novelette explains how Dakon transformed from a carefree player to become Shadow, a disfigured alpha gladiator full of anger and angst.

Can two broken people release their demons, open their hearts, and find lasting love?

Petra’s strong, take-no-prisoners attitude is severely challenged when she’s abducted by aliens, destined to be sold as a sex slave. To escape, she needs the help of the most irritating, hunky alien male this side of the Milky Way. Their chemistry is off the charts despite the fact that Shadow can be an annoying dick.

Sold into the gladiator arena by his own parents, the only emotion Shadow knows is anger. Until he meets Petra, whose grit, as well as her delightful body, sets him on fire. She isn’t interested in anything more than a physical relationship until she realizes there might be something worth fighting for beneath his cocky exterior.

Can love be the transformation they need to survive?

After surviving a horrifying alien abduction and a dangerous slave revolt, Grace thought she was finally safe on this spaceship full of protective alien gladiators. Until her musical improvisations accidentally go viral. Now she needs to overcome her crippling stage fright or it could mean death for them all.

The one good thing in her life is her new alien friend, Tyree. A few weeks ago he morphed from a small elf into the hottest male this side of the galaxy. Which means he has problems of his own, like avoiding tripping over the genitals swinging between his legs and dealing with the constant arousal of being around Grace, the human woman haunting his fantasies.

If you like hot, alpha alien males who find the human women of their dreams, get on board, buy this box set, and start exploring the galaxy today!

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