Inbox Zero–An Experiment

Yesterday I began a “grand experiment–inbox zero.

I struggle constantly to keep my inbox tidy, but it gets away from me. When I’m writing, I only pay attention to what is “on fire.” When I come out of my writing cave, my inbox is always overflowing.

I just finished writing three books in my new Hybrid Hearts series (Sugar and Splice, Bengal Splice, and Nice and Splicy). They’re about human/animal hybrids in present-day Earth. Bleary-eyed after writing the third “The End,” I woke up to 717 emails.

All day Friday and Saturday I worked single-mindedly to attack not just the emails, but all the tasks they demanded: watching training videos, incorporating suggested edits into manuscripts, uploading content, making graphics, and a hundred other things.

I’m writing this at 11 pm and will admit I’m not at zero, but I’m at 23. 

I’m proud and thought I’d post this.

If you don’t hear me brag about Project Inbox Zero again, it probably means I haven’t managed to keep it clean.

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