Monsters’ Rescue

I had begun writing The Awakening the day before Roe vs Wade was overturned. The Awakening (now complete) is about an antique robot gains sentience (and a smokin’ hot new body).

The next day, when I sat down to write, after learning about Roe, my fingers rebelled. Instead of working on my work in progress, Monsters’ Prize flowed out of my fingers as fast as I could type. The first paragraph should tell you all you need to know about the mood I was in, fearing women’s rights were eroding before my eyes.

“Senator Quarren requests your services immediately.” My wrist-comm wakes me from a sound sleep. “Douche first.” 

In quick succession, I wrote Monsters’ Prize, Monsters’ Treasure, and Monsters’ Gift. The theme is how women who have been living as possessions with no rights in the futuristic Up Above wind up Down Below in a future Earth where all the inhabitants have been turned into half men-half animals. When those three books were complete (all taking place 250 years in the future), I circled back and wrote the origin story of how these changes came about in the near future. It is called Monsters’ Genesis and will launch as the first of the series on December 26.

When life hands you lemons… write a cathartic book series to make you feel better–that’s my new motto.

I am super happy and proud of all four books. The human women all have amazing story arcs as they grow from terrified property with no say over their own lives to strong, capable women who are loved by three amazing males.

Reverse harem was a new challenge for me, but I had a blast writing these books and showing how four very different people grow to know, understand, and love each other. They’re all up for pre-order. Check them out.


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