The Galaxy Artificials Series-Alana’s Thoughts

This series is so, so close to my heart that I wanted to blog about it.

I wrote The Yearning for the Claimed Among the Stars anthology in 2021 and decided this book was special in so many ways. I always try to make my books exciting and compelling, with three-dimensional characters who fall in love and provide the reader with a lot of spice.

I also try to give my readers “All the Feels.” But the Yearning took this to a whole other level. I love this book, and it’s no secret if you read my reviews that you might need a tissue.

The entire series took on this flavor of deep reflection and emotions. There’s something about watching an inanimate object become so much more than the sum of their metallic parts that makes these stories extra—extra emotional, extra interesting, and extra thought-provoking.

The Yearning launches 9-10-23 and I hope you check it out. All of my books are written as standalones in overarching story arcs, but in this series, I suggest you read them in order (I know, I hate to be bossy, but trust me).

I hope you check out this series and find it as heartwarming (and sexy) as it was meant to be.

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