Galaxy Gladiators Series

If you like angsty alien alphas ripe for redemption and the kick-ass heroines who can tame them, then you will love this paranormal romance Galaxy Gladiators Series.

Contains steamy sex scenes, hot muscular aliens who’ve been damaged and patched back together, and badass heroines. Guaranteed no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily ever after.

Step into this world of darkness, humor, and romance!


Mastered by the Zinn contains steamy sex scenes, hot muscular aliens, and badass heroines.
If any of these things offend you, or if you’ve ever thought a book had too much sex, please don’t buy these books.

Intended for a mature audience.

Mastered by the Zinn
Alien Abduction Romance Series

Mastered by the Zinn is classified as erotica due to its themes of Dominance and Submission and power exchange.

Books One through Three are a sexy Alien Abduction Trilogy. The following books are standalones with no cliffhanger.

All Alana’s books promise a happily ever after with no cheating.

I started writing sci-fi abduction romances in my head before it was a “thing.” Now that I’m writing it, my mind won’t turn off, throwing me more plot ideas than I could write in two lifetimes.