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Alana Khan is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author who writes steamy sci-fi romance that promises three-dimensional characters, action, adventure, steam, and happy endings. My heroes are often angsty, occasionally grumpy, but they transform due to the love of a good female and always become one of the best catches in the galaxy. My troubled heroes and feisty heroines usually go through hell, but I promise the endings are always satisfying.

I guess it’s time to mention I write monsters now… and reverse harems.

Recent Releases!

Injured in body and soul while protecting innocents from attack, the once-proud orc firefighter has withdrawn into bitter solitude. Will Sarah’s desperate request for help be the key to unlock the damaged male hiding under his brooding green skin?

When a determined woman and a rogue robot soldier crash on an alien planet, their love may be the key to their survival.

When a pierced and furious pirate crashes into her life, Avalon finds herself disturbingly drawn to the dangerous male who threatens to tear her world apart.

What happens when a cynical pirate plucks Izzy out of the jaws of danger, flies her to his cave, and vows to keep her prisoner?

The very day Emma swears off impulsive choices in love, she encounters Kam, an orc firefighter who sets her world ablaze.


Love is the ultimate weapon against darkness.

Desperate human Selene agrees to be the Demon Prince's "wingwoman" on his urgent quest to find a suitable mate. Neither expected sparks to ignite or love to blossom in this sizzling cosmic adventure.

The arrival of five thousand Others onto the blazing sands of the Mojave Desert could signal the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Bound by passion, shattered by deceit.

Stranded on a deserted asteroid with only a robot for company, Eve discovers circuitry can have more heart and soul than anyone she’s ever met.

From a bucket of bolts to the “man” of her dreams.

It was insanity to choose her enemy’s Hunter-Killer robot to help her escape.

Nice and Splicy

Love unbridled. Can a centaur and his boss’s daughter find their happily-ever-after in the computer lab, or will the strict military regulations short-circuit their attraction?

Sugar and Splice

Can Jenna tame Noble, the half-man/half-lion with an insatiable appetite for more than pastries, or is their sizzling chemistry a recipe for disaster?

Bengal Splice

He's got the heart of a tiger. She's got an eye for fashion. Will their love be a purr-fect fit or a fashion faux-paw?

The Orc's Bidding

Larke risks her life when she flees into the Expanse. The orcs who roam there might be cannibals, but the alternative is worse.

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