Welcome to the Alanaverse!

Alana Khan is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author who writes steamy sci-fi romance that promises three-dimensional characters, action, adventure, steam, and happy endings. My heroes are often angsty, occasionally grumpy, but they transform due to the love of a good female and always become one of the best catches in the galaxy. My troubled heroes and feisty heroines usually go through hell, but I promise the endings are always satisfying.

I guess it’s time to mention I write monsters now… and reverse harems.

Recent Releases!

Stephanie and Alfie’s steamy attraction could make an icicle spontaneously combust. As the heat rises, will Alfie’s rock-star lifestyle extinguish the fire or ignite an inferno?

Rose and Rip’s love defies time itself, blending vintage romance with a modern twist of magical enchantment... and spice!

When she crawled under a fence in search of her wayward dog, Calliope Quinn stumbled upon the most top-secret military base in the country. There, she was shocked to encounter Thorne, a genetic hybrid struggling to control his powerful mating urges.

Zoey and Theo’s otherworldly chemistry cannot be denied, but evil forces threaten to shatter their fragile bond.