Orcfire series

Packed with passion and spice, USA TODAY Bestselling authors Aria Vale and Alana Khan bring the HEAT! 5,000 Others fell to the Mojave Desert 25 years ago and were forced into a fenced enclosure outside of Los Angeles. The orcs gravitated to firefighting. This series gives them their spicy, sexy happy-ever-afters.

The arrival of five thousand Others onto the blazing sands of the Mojave Desert could signal the end of life on Earth as we know it.

When I agreed to consult with the military on a top-secret project, I never dreamed my job would take me out of the lecture hall and into a world filled with orcs, nagas, and minotaurs.

Ashok, the mysterious orc warrior blessed with the power to unravel languages at a touch, is the key to discovering why they’re here and if they plan to harm us.

Though shocking, the liberties he takes with my body aren’t too high a price to pay to protect the lives of everyone on Earth. Except how can I pretend this is a sacrifice when I can’t wait for his next “download”?

The power of my magic is rivaled only by the intensity of Clair’s gentle touch. I’m drawn to her in a way I’ve never felt before, but my excursions into her mind hint that she might be hiding plans to destroy my people.

Although we may be enemies by day, by night she warms my bed and makes me forget everything but her.

Prepare to be captivated by this spellbinding tale of forbidden love, high-stakes magic, and the delicate balancing act between desire and destiny.

Written by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan, Embers Origin has sweeping romance, explicit spice, and a happy ever after.

For Readers 18+

Bound by passion, shattered by deceit.


The Others have been on Earth for 25 years, but I’d never met one until the huge orc Fire Chief landed in the ICU as my patient. He’s rude, snarly, and covered in scars. A girl would have to be out of her mind to want someone like him, right? I guess I’m out of my mind.

Actually, I’m obsessed.

It’s hard to see past his snarls to find the squishy guy he hides inside, but I do. One kiss leads to another, and before I know it, well, I discover he’s not snarly all the time.

Until he learns my secret. I never meant to hurt him, but now he won’t have a thing to do with me.


Being dragged through the Rift and spit out onto this planet with nothing more than the clothes on my back wasn’t the worst thing in my life. Losing everyone and everything I’d ever cared about was far more crushing.

Tender Marissa with her courage, caring, and delicious curves is the perfect reason for me to let go of my past. Then I discover our relationship is built on a lie. How can I love a woman I will never be able to trust? 

Enjoy this age-gap, second-chance romance as Brokka and Marissa battle people in both their worlds, risking everything they hold dear to be together.

Written by USA TODAY Bestselling authors Alana Khan and Aria Vale.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this steamy romance, although there’s phone s*x and much more for Marissa, who, it turns out, is a very good girl. Guaranteed love and happiness ever after.

For Readers 18+.

The very day Emma swears off impulsive choices in love, she encounters Kam, an orc firefighter who sets her world ablaze.

After my dirtbag ex left me with a maxed-out credit card and an empty fridge, I swore off bad boys. Yet, when brooding Kam enters my life with his otherworldly tattoos and an air of danger, I can’t seem to hold myself back. How can someone so wrong feel so irresistibly right?

Trapped in a fenced slum built to contain Others like me, my anger toward a world that despises me has always burned fiercely. Only Emma sees past the beast within me and embraces who I truly am. Can I heal my old wounds and express my passion for this precious female? One thing is clear—I would give my life to protect her.

Indulge in this sizzling tale of forbidden love, as USA TODAY Bestselling authors Alana Khan and Aria Vale take you on a thrilling journey as Emma and Kam are trapped together as they try to bridge the gap between their worlds.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this steamy romance where a big, green orc loves to tell his female what a very good girl she is. Guaranteed love and everlasting happiness.

For readers 18+.


Mouths can lie. Scents can’t.


Mesmerized, I couldn’t look away as the biggest of all the orc firefighters fearlessly charged into the blazing building to rescue not one but two trapped children when no one else dared to enter. Imagine my surprise when, in my quest to find shelter for the displaced, I’m assigned to work with the heroic male who has invaded my dreams.


I’m reckless. So what? I couldn’t let those naga children die. It seems my boss doesn’t agree. My punishment is to show some prissy do-gooder around the Zone. She’ll freak within ten minutes and it will be a good story to laugh over. 

Amelia doesn’t run, though. She blasts into my life wearing a determined expression, irresistible curves, and an arousal scent that can be detected in the next county.

If she’s as sweet as she smells, I’m well and truly f*cked.

Dive into the Embers of Change, a sizzling tale of forbidden love, as USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan and Aria Vale take you on a thrilling journey of forced proximity and romance across different worlds.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this scorching romance, just a strong orc who loves his very good girl. Guaranteed love and eternal happiness await.

For readers 18+ ready to ignite their passion.


Injured in body and soul while protecting innocents from attack, the once-proud orc firefighter has withdrawn into bitter solitude. Will Sarah’s desperate request for help be the key to unlock the damaged male hiding under his brooding green skin?

The state’s threat to condemn the house I inherited has left me racing against a looming deadline. In my desperation, I turn to an unlikely ally—the injured orc, Thornn, whose scars run as deep as his silence. I didn’t have time to find anyone else to help, yet I doubt my decision the moment Thornn reluctantly agrees to provide muscle for the job.

I never imagined those bare, glistening muscles would be so enticing I’d yearn to lick them. Nor did I expect to discover the tender warrior spirit he hides under his wounded exterior.

I’m broken. Ruined. To not inflict myself on my friends, I accept Sarah’s job offer. I’m like a raw nerve—even her unfailing kindness pricks at me. I don’t know whether to go for a long run to clear my head or pull her into my arms and kiss her senseless.

Except I can’t keep my gaze off her as we work together, and I fist myself to sleep with images of her dancing in my mind.

Though I’m completely wrong for her, she’s the perfect woman for me.

Thrill to Embers of Healing, by Alana Khan, USA TODAY Bestselling author. Explore this scorching saga of forbidden love, where sparks fly and barriers shatter between two people bound by destiny.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this sizzling romance, just a powerful orc who loves his very good girl. Guaranteed love and eternal happiness await.

For readers 18+ ready to ignite their passion.

In a world divided by barbed-wire fences, their love defies all boundaries, igniting a passion that sets their worlds on fire.


From the moment he saw me, the handsome orc went into protection mode, even though I insisted I didn’t need his help. His piercing gaze and commanding touch awakened desires I never knew I possessed. And that long, black tongue? Well, let’s just say it defies the laws of physics.

In his arms, I find solace, protection, and a love that’s thrilling yet forbidden. But as danger lurks in the shadows, I’m forced to confront a choice: safety or a love that sets my soul ablaze?


Raisa’s combination of fierce independence and vulnerability ignites an attraction that leaves me breathless and insatiable. Although our love is taboo, I’ll battle man and orc alike to keep her safe.

Though our love defies the odds, together we’re unstoppable.

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