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Delivered by the Orc

An earthquake shattered her world. An orc firefighter became her only lifeline.

When a catastrophic earthquake hits, I’m trapped with Krull, a powerful orc who sets my body ablaze with a single touch. As the city crumbles, our passion rises from the ruins.

Mara’s curvy body fits perfectly in my arms, like she was made for me. She’s my fated mate, my soulbound. I’ll risk everything to keep her safe, cherished, and satisfied.

Brace yourself for a scorching orc romance that will leave you breathless. Experience the raw passion and unshakable devotion of a muscular orc firefighter as he claims his fated mate in the midst of disaster. Krull won’t hesitate to use his strength, his body, and his heart to protect and pleasure his female.

Orcs Unbound is a shared world full of dominant, devoted orcs who love fiercely and forever. Delivered by the Orc by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan is just a taste of the steamy, enchanting, and utterly irresistible stories waiting ahead of you. Once you let an orc hero into your life, you’ll be hooked!

Bold: Wolven Warriors Book 1

An unlikely hero. A woman in peril. A forbidden love worth fighting for.


When a powerful enemy from my past threatens my life, my only salvation is the sexy, feral wolven bodyguard who awakens a hunger I can’t deny—Bold. He’s more than just my fierce protector—he’s the missing piece of my soul.


From the moment I scented Jasmine, I knew I’d lay down my life for her. She’s the soulmate I never dared dream of. But with evil enemies closing in, I must unleash my primal instincts to keep her safe, protect our forbidden love… and claim her as mine forever.

Brace yourself for a heart-pounding tale of danger, desire, and devotion as Bold and Jasmine navigate the treacherous territory between duty and passion. Scorching hot and utterly irresistible, Bold, by USA TODAY bestselling author, Alana Khan, is the addictive romance you’ve been craving.

Courage: Wolven Warriors Book 2

He’s her last defense. She’s his only weakness.

You might know me—America’s sweetheart turned tabloid trainwreck.

When old enemies threaten to destroy me, my only salvation is Courage, the wolven warrior who awakens desires I can’t resist. He’s not just my fierce protector—he’s the missing piece of my shattered heart.

I’ve got no time for celebrity bullshit. But Candy’s the real deal, a survivor, a fighter. The soulmate I never saw coming. When danger strikes, I’ll unleash my inner beast to protect what’s mine… and claim the love that heals us both.

Prepare to be swept away by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan’s thrilling tale of redemption, revenge, and red-hot romance as Candy confronts her deepest fears and forges an unbreakable bond with her wolven bodyguard.

Expect an alpha hero, touch-her-and-die energy, opposites attract, rock-star romance that is the ultimate page-turner for anyone who believes in the power of love to heal all wounds.

Fury: Wolven Warriors Book 3

Trapped together in a remote cabin, a guarded wolven warrior and a courageous scientist discover that sometimes, the most dangerous threats are the ones that set your soul on fire.

During a raging snowstorm, a terrifying stranger rescues me as I lie unconscious at the bottom of a ravine. Fury, with eyes like quicksilver and a body carved from sin, is everything I should fear—a wolven warrior with a dark past.

As we navigate the wilderness and wild weather, I’m drawn to his primal strength and the tender heart he hides. Our passion is so hot it could melt a glacier, but my darkest secret threatens to shatter our fragile bond.

I’ve spent a lifetime burying my pain behind a barrier of gruff detachment. Until Victoria. She stirs a hunger in me I’ve never known, a longing for a future I never dared imagine, and a fierce need to protect her—even from myself.

I’ll risk everything to shelter her, claim her, and prove that our love is stronger than any force that dares to tear us apart.

USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan weaves a spellbinding tale of redemption, desire, and devotion in Fury, a steamy, action-packed fantasy romance that will grab you from the first page. One-click this age-gap, enemies to lovers, one-bed, forced proximity, hurt-comfort novel now and let the heat melt your heart!


A haunted inn, a sexy alien, and a love story that’s all treats and no tricks (well, maybe a few tricks).

Lucky me. I won an adorable inn on a distant planet. It was a rollercoaster ride from a dream come true to a nightmare.
The place is a total wreck, and I’m pretty sure it’s haunted.

When I’m ready to give up and return to Earth, Zylus, this ridiculously handsome and charming contractor, agrees to save the day. But there’s a catch—Zylus is hiding something, and I’m determined to uncover the truth.

Can our crazy chemistry survive the terrifying revelations within these haunted walls?


Keeping my secrets hidden from Misty is no easy task. Sparks fly from the moment we meet.

I can’t help but be drawn to her irresistible charm. But I’m keeping something from her, something that might make her run for the hills. Can’t blame her, really.

As we discover the mysteries of this spooky inn together, I wonder if our sensual connection can survive the shocking truth I’m hiding.

This book in the Arixxia Fields series by USA TODAY Bestselling author, Alana Khan, promises happy holiday fun mashed up with smoldering spicy romance. Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published in the Supra Vellum Anthology as Inn Trouble. It has been expanded by 25% including an extra epilogue.
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