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A note about these pictures

It’s interesting that this page of pictures might be the most controversial page on a website that includes books about three monsters having sex with a human woman. Go figure.

As I write this, there is a hot debate about AI (Artificial Intelligence) art. Many people are upset, feeling that AI art steals money from artists. 

ALL of my covers are illustrated by real humans. Some of them cost close to $1,000. Yikes! That’s even more shocking when you consider “The average self-published author makes $1,000 per year from their books. 33% of self-published authors make less than $500 per year. Jan 30, 2023.”

Even with those numbers, as I said, I employ artists for all of my book covers. 

That being said, I love playing with Midjourney AI software. Some of the pics on this page were “made” by me through Midjourney software. 

I love these pics and hope they enhance your enjoyment of my books.

Ssly with sha'rill

Ssly in his sha'rill

Ssly, the hero in Ssly, book 3 in the Galaxy Pirates series, hides his beautiful (sexy) snake-like brill to avoid notice by wearing this sha’rill. I modeled it after Bedouin garb from Earth deserts.


Dream baby

This adorable dream baby featured prominently in Slag, book 4 in the Galaxy Pirates series. 

Sweet dreams

Also from Slag: In the book, I mentioned the hero stealing a nude statue of a female. This sculpture is currently in my bedroom. It was sculpted by my father and is called “Sweet Dreams.” An homage to dad!


King, the bladed feline k'tar

This bladed feline is capable is slicing his enemies to bits in a second. You’ll have to read Tarrex, book 17 in the Galaxy Gladiators series to see how he become a loving (non-lethal) pet.



Check out the cover of Tarrex’s book (17 in Galaxy Gladiators). His helmet plays a prominent role in the plot. I had my illustrator make this so you could get a glimpse under his helmet.



Syzz (complete with unicorn horn) is the darlinglove designer pet brought to planet Hallion by human Zaydie in Taliz in the Arixxia Fields series. 



The adorable, friendly flying dragon in Azari, Arixxia Fields’ Valentine offering.


Taliz has horns, hooves, and fangs. Sorry you can’t see them in this pic, but he’s a hunk, right?



Arixxia Fields’ 2022 Halloween offering. Wait till you see what handsome Brekk turns into after midnight.

the yearning

420, the original model for Adam

Stranded on a deserted asteroid with only a robot for company, Eve discovers circuitry can have more heart and soul than anyone she’s ever met. From The Yearning.

The underground 420 created

Adam was alone on the asteroid for hundreds of years. In his free time he created hundreds of rooms in the underground with nothing more than an adze.

From the book The Yearning.

The Original Model for unixx

From a bucket of bolts to the “man” of her dreams.

From the book The Awakening.

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hunter killer 499 the original model for Barada

It was insanity to choose her enemy’s Hunter/Killer robot to help her escape.

From the book The Forsaken.



This adorable packrat-type mammal who stars in the novella called Inn Trouble in the anthology Supra Velum and as a standalone called Xarion set in the Arixxia Fields series.

Atrium in the Underground

Adam was alone on the asteroid for hundreds of years. In his free time he created hundreds of rooms in the underground with nothing more than an adze. From the book The Yearning.

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