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A note about these pictures

It’s interesting that this page of pictures might be the most controversial page on a website that includes books about three monsters having sex with a human woman. Go figure.

As I write this, there is a hot debate about AI (Artificial Intelligence) art. Many people are upset, feeling that AI art steals money from artists. 

ALL of my covers are illustrated by real humans. Some of them cost close to $1,000. Yikes! That’s even more shocking when you consider “The average self-published author makes $1,000 per year from their books. 33% of self-published authors make less than $500 per year. Jan 30, 2023.”

Even with those numbers, as I said, I employ artists for all of my book covers. 

That being said, I love playing with Midjourney AI software. Some of the pics on this page were “made” by me through Midjourney software. 

I love these pics and hope they enhance your enjoyment of my books.

Ssly with sha'rill

Ssly in his sha'rill

Ssly, the hero in Ssly, book 3 in the Galaxy Pirates series, hides his beautiful (sexy) snake-like brill to avoid notice by wearing this sha’rill. I modeled it after Bedouin garb from Earth deserts.


Dream baby

This adorable dream baby