Darthan: A Sci-fi Alien Romance (Monster on Board Book 3) Written by Alana Khan and Ava Ross

An adoring alien merman has claimed me as his mate.

I’m zipping across the ocean on an outer space jet ski above the mythical Lost City of Antheum when a freakish storm gathers so fast I can’t make it to shore. I’m knocked overboard by ten-foot swells and sucked beneath the waves. Terrified and about to take in my last breath, I’m rescued by an alien merman with brilliant teal eyes and shimmering scales covering his muscular body.

Claiming he’s the prince of Antheum, Darthan sweeps me away to an underwater castle where he woos me while swimming through gardens brimming with glowing sea flowers. His seductive kisses and loving words are easy to fall for and lure me closer with each passing moment. I can’t find a single reason to return to the surface.

But his mother, the queen of the underwater world, will do anything to control him, and human-Antheun mating is not only forbidden, it’s punishable by death. Dare I risk everything to stay with my alien merman?

Darthan is a standalone monster romance set in the Monster on Board world written by USA TODAY bestselling authors Alana Khan and Ava Ross. Expect steamy hijinks, humor, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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