Doctore Video Trailer

Love is the ultimate weapon against darkness.

Who said the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor? After being abducted and living in hell for three years, I escape straight into the protective arms of the sexiest, most decent male I have ever known. The funny part? He has chosen to live a monastic life that has no room for me.

Finally free after a lifetime of cruel treatment, I wanted to live out my remaining years in peace. Ayla is sensual, spirited, and far too smart to miss the eager arousal I try to hide under my loincloth. How can I resist the tempting human who came hurtling into my life?

This sweet and sensual age-gap romance from USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan is full of hurt/comfort, found family, and spicy goodness.

No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Warning: It contains graphic sex and violence.

For Readers 18+.

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