Down to One: Book One in the Galaxy Games Hostile Planet Alien Romance Series

All the unbridled passion and gut-clenching action that can fit on the page.

Stakes are high when alien gladiator Titan and abducted Earth girl Blaze are forced into The Game.

Forming a tenuous alliance to battle the hundred other alien combatants increases their odds of staying alive. As they contend with constant camera surveillance and wage a life-or-death campaign to survive, the unlikely duo can’t ignore their sizzling attraction.

Despite their deepening connection, it isn’t safe to trust because in The Game it all comes Down. To. One.

Award-winning author Alana Khan writes as Anna Lynn in this gritty departure from the heartwarming and hopeful science fiction romances of the Alanaverse. Dare to join Blaze and Titan on their adventure as they dodge death and accept the profound attraction they feel for one another that may ultimately prove fatal for one or both of them. Fans of Alana Khan be warned: the emotional connection you crave lies between the pages of Down To One, but elements of suspense and a savage struggle for survival are unlike anything you’ve read from Alana before.

Warning: This book is spicy and contains violence. For readers 18+.

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