Down to Three Sneak Peek

I’m getting ready to upload Down to Three and doing a final read-through. I thought I’d post a snippet here. To give you a bit of background, the network has placed Willow on a team with two genetically engineered aliens, Braveheart and Valor. As in all seasons of The Game, only one team can make it out alive.

Here’s a snippet:


I’m pretty certain I’m going to die tomorrow. I know I’ll never have kids or carry on the family business. And more than anything, I want to kiss a second male in the span of a few minutes.

My clit is quivering in anticipation, although I’m too shy to desire anything more than a kiss from Braveheart. I can’t imagine going farther with either of these guys, even though my body is demanding it. It’s like revving an engine with one foot still on the brake.

My nipples are tight buds and are probably visible from ten cells down. I’m certain every male in the cellblock is watching. I don’t think it’s my imagination that the sound of male orgasms is louder and more plentiful than I’ve heard before. Valor and I were the prison planet’s version of porn.

My channel is clutching against itself in anticipation of being filled. But that won’t happen tonight.

But I can have a kiss. There’s a tiny voice in the back of my mind scolding me in a tyrannical voice, telling me this is a bad choice. But the front of my mind wants this so badly I guarantee it’s going to happen unless Braveheart says no.

We’ve shared this bed for over a week, but he’s never allowed himself to look at me like this, with open desire. Fear zings through me. Is this the animal part of him I helped unleash? The one I’ve been fearing? The geneslave who was bred and trained to take what he wants?

No. Because he’s not moving a muscle. Just looking at me as if I’m the prettiest thing he’s ever seen.

“I can kiss these lips?” he asks, as if it will be the best gift he’s ever received.

He traces the pad of his thumb back and forth against my lower lip. The act itself is almost mundane, certainly nothing a young girl would dream of when imagining a sexy interlude. But there’s something about all the suppressed desire it’s hiding that makes it one of the sexiest things I’ve ever felt.

His thumb traces a slow path, back and forth, while his golden eyes follow the movement. Is he waiting for permission to place his lips on mine?

“Yes,” I answer his question.

Without pausing half a second, he pounces. Instead of launching toward my lips, though, he glides his cheek against mine. I would have thought it was a throwaway gesture, but it’s intimate and sensual.

I gasp a surprised breath as every nerve ending in my body lights up in anticipation of what’s coming next. Braveheart’s smart. I granted him one kiss. He’s going to make it last. I like him more every second.

He nuzzles his purple suede-like cheek up and down as he maneuvers me to lie on the bed. After slinging one leg across me so he’s riding me, he smooths the covers, leaving the barest span of air between us. His eyes flare wide. I don’t think he anticipated what this position would feel like to either of us.

My thighs widen of their own volition, beckoning him into a coupling position as old as time. His gaze holds mine as his pelvis drops an inch. Now no part of our bodies are touching except his bound cock resting against my eager cleft.

He moans in unfettered pleasure even as he jacks his hips up and away. We both knew we were playing with fire. Neither of us signed on for that. Now that he’s hovering over me, nothing connected but our gazes, I miss the brief promise of mating with him.

I watch as his tight muscles relax and am aware of the exact moment he gathers his self-control and remembers we were in the middle of a kiss. It’s when his gaze flies to my lips. One more sweet nuzzle of his velvet cheek against mine, and then he nips my jawbone right beneath my ear. He skillfully avoids harming me with their sharp points.

His movements are slow and methodical, nothing like the beast they bred him to be. Leaning even closer, he breathes warmly in my ear, causing shivers to dance across my skin from my neck to my wrists.

I reward him with the softest sigh, which causes him to repeat the behavior. On his third pass, he sucks in a breath. This lights me up, turning me on so quickly it takes everything in my power not to lift my pelvis to steal another touch of the huge cock waiting only inches above me.

To keep my mind off that, I curl my fingers around his shoulders and squeeze him tight. He’s breathing me in, part sex-play, but perhaps an attempt to memorize my scent.

It’s as if he knows I gave Valor one kiss and he knows he’ll only receive one, too, so he’s determined to draw it out. I pout, knowing he’s prolonging this, making me wait. There’s something about having him so close, with so much promise only inches away, that makes me greedy.

He must be determined to kiss every inch of my face, because he’s touching me everywhere. Soft little kisses that only hint at satisfaction, but provide none, are occasionally punctuated by sexy nips and an occasional back-of-the-throat growl.

His long tongue curls out to sweep along my eyelashes, making the fires of desire coil in my pelvis. His flat front teeth nip my brow ridge, then he bends low to lip my jaw, then places the softest smacking little kiss on the tip of my nose.

He’s owning me and marking me with his scent and learning my responses. The longer this progresses, he learns what makes a small smile curl my lips, what makes me suck in a surprised breath of pleasure, and what causes my nails to bite into his flesh and my hips to thrust up to urge him to mate with me. And he has yet to kiss me.

“Braveheart,” I sigh his name as I shimmy beneath him.

“Mmm?” he asks lazily, his mouth tipped into a half-smile.

I have no response. I just wanted to say his name. Give him the small present of hearing his name on my lips.

Perhaps he takes this as a request to get on with things, because his soft, lippy kisses are marching toward my mouth. Instead of claiming me, though, he tips his head back and looks at me, waiting for our gazes to meet.

Have I ever felt this connected to another person in my life? Not a word has passed between us except his name, and yet this act we’re sharing has spoken volumes.

Finally, having both acknowledged our bond, he bridges the final distance and kisses my mouth. His lips are soft at first, but he can’t maintain it. A moment later they’re hard, commanding, demanding.

As slow as our explorations have been thus far, they leap forward at lightning speed when he can’t hold back another second and claims my mouth like a marauding army. His tongue invades—tasting, exploring.

His need is palpable. Whatever kept him leashed is now untethered. He’s wild above me, no longer keeping his magnificent cock a respectful distance. No, he nestles it along my clothed slit and grinds against me. The depth of our passion surprises us both. He has to pull his mouth from mine and gasp a breath.

His gaze finds mine in the haze of our explorations, silently enquiring if this is okay or if he’s trespassed. How can he wonder when my hands are curled like claws into his shoulders? He couldn’t pull away from my grip if he wanted.

He’s rocking against me. I’m rising up to meet his thrusts. I never intended to do anything more than kiss him, but if we don’t stop—soon, but not right this minute—I’m going to come.

I slip out of my lustful pleasure cocoon long to swing my gaze to Valor. A pang of deep, hot, painful guilt slices through me when I remember I just shared a kiss with him and he’s watching me turn into an animal with his best friend.

It takes me a long moment to realize he’s talking to me in my mind. I watch his face as I finally hear the words he’s been repeating. Take your pleasure.

Braveheart’s movement stills for a moment, as if he’s paralyzed. Valor must have spoken to him, too, because he turns his focus back to me, captures my gaze, and dry humps me with abandon.

I narrow my focus to the two of us. No guards or inmates or network and definitely no tomorrow. Then I expand to include the other male in my cell who isn’t ashamed as he watches us with unabashed interest. I shut all of that away as my attention narrows to the little lump of flesh at the apex of my thighs that is garnering so much pleasure from Braveheart’s hard cock.

Finally, I give myself permission to come. Just as I’m about to reach the precipice of orgasm, it’s Valor’s voice in my head commanding, Come that pushes me over the edge.

In the past, my orgasms have never been quiet, and try as I might, they aren’t now. To stifle my explosive moan of pleasure, I lean to bite Braveheart’s shoulder. He moans softly in my ear as his hips piston faster and he comes in his loincloth.

My palms grip his hips as I feel his granite muscles tighten and relax with each hot, wet pulse.

He slumps onto the bed between me and the bars, tugs me close, nips my lower lip, and says, “Thank you. That was amazing. My first kiss.”

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