Down to Two: A Tortured Hero Alien Warrior Romance

This is one game they can’t afford to lose.

As one of 100 teams, human Sadie and genetically engineered 1213 are thrown together with one mission: outlive the other 99 teams and make it to the finish line.

Between brutal competitors, harsh terrain, and deadly predators, the challenge is as relentless as the feral passion and sweet affection that detonates between them after the sun sets each night.

Can they put aside their differences, work together, and triumph against the odds?

It all comes Down to Two in this standalone book brimming with savage steam, tender love, and heart-pounding action.

Award-winning author Alana Khan writes as Anna Lynn in this gritty departure from the heartwarming and hopeful science fiction romances of the Alanaverse.

Dare to join Sadie and 1213 on their adventure as they dodge death and accept their scorching desires.

Fans of Alana Khan be warned: the emotional connection you crave lies between the pages of Down To One, but elements of suspense and a savage struggle for survival are unlike anything you’ve read from Alana before.

Warning: This book is spicy and contains violence. For readers 18+.

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