Galaxy Gladiators Alien Romance Box Set Books 11-19: A 9 Book Sci-Fi Series with Soulmates, Fake Mates, Enemies to Lovers, Captains, Princes, and Romantic Adventures

“My absolute favorite series ever!” Faye J.
“Worth more than 5 stars!” Anushka-Marie
“Steamy. Funny. Action-packed. Unpredictable.” Vedece

Handsome alien gladiators are roaming the galaxy on a quest to right wrongs, never dreaming they’ll find the human female who will complete them.

Book #11: Wrage. This irritable ex-slave wakes up legally mated to a human he heckled all night long. There is no divorce allowed on this planet–ever. Can Elyse melt his ice-cold heart?
Book #12: WarDog. Willa has been confessing all her secrets to her humongous canine pet. When he shifts into humanoid form, can their love survive its embarrassing beginnings?
Book #13: Stryker. This freed gladiator wears his scars all over his body. Maddie’s invisible scars are even more damaging. Can they overcome their past and forge a new beginning?
Book #14: Vartan. Lyra was born in space and raised as a pet. Can the male who loves her give her room to discover the heroic woman she was born to be?
Book #15: Maximus. Loud, brash, and flawed, Max finds himself mate-bonded to Raine who is immune to his handsome face and killer body. Throw in a powerful aphrodisiac and watch the sparks fly.
Book #16: Steele. A past they can’t ignore. A love that must endure.
Book #17: Tarrex. After praying for death for years, Tarrex finds both freedom and love on the day he discovers his life has a very clear, very near expiration date.
Book #18: Zar-Rynn. No mated couple in the galaxy has had to face a challenge like this. It is the ultimate test of their love.
Book #19: Valeris. An alien Cinderella retelling. How can a planet capable of interstellar spaceflight use such an outdated method to pick the queen? It leaves everything up to the whims of the Alagan River.

This box set worth $43.91 contains the last nine books in the beloved Galaxy Gladiators Romance Series by USA TODAY bestselling, Pinnacle Award-Winning author Alana Khan. They feature powerful alien gladiators and their passionate heart-connections with feisty abducted Earth females. Their journeys to love are never easy, but always satisfying when they find their true mates and bind their souls.

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