You have been mate-matched with: Chaska, Alex, and Roman!

Welcome to the Alanaverse! The Intergalactic Database has searched far and wide and indicates your three mates should be Chaska, Alex, and Roman from the book, Monsters’ Genesis.

The first four books in this series are written. They’ll be launching 12-26-22, then January, February, and March of ’23.  I’m just waiting for amazing kick-ass covers of books 2, 3, and 4 to put them for sale on Amazon.

Monsters’ Genesis sets the stage for what happens on Earth to create the cataclysm that makes men into monsters.

January, February, and March of 2023 will bring you the next three books in the series, set 200 years in the future. All four books feature three yummy monsters in a loving relationship with one human woman. (Not to confuse you, this is four different sets of people. Each book is a standalone) This series is set on Earth.

Nothing prepared us for this.

My three mates and I have managed to bond and love each other despite the horrendous conditions of an overpopulated Earth. We live in the Down Below, forced to comply with crippling regulations while the rich tower over us in the Up Above structures.

Until the cataclysm happens, and people in the Down Below experience massive genetic mutations. I’m safe with my mates until one of them begins to change… then another… until I’m not sure who I need protection from–the monsters outside my door or the ones within my walls.

The first book in the Rescued by the Monsters series is a dystopian why choose monster romance by USA Today Bestselling author Alana Khan.

No cheating. No cliffhangers. Guaranteed love and happily ever after. Readers 18+.

Free Sexy Snippet


Alex takes one step forward from where he was standing between the other two. For the first time since his change, I take his inventory.

His wolf-like hair is midnight black, about an inch long. His face has changed shape, somehow still being Alex, yet having a somewhat elongated snout with feral lips covering ragged teeth. His piercing blue eyes are slightly rounder. It’s not the shape that arrests my attention. It’s the way he’s looking at me. Other than the moment he lunged for Ro this is the most he’s let his wolf peek through.

He doesn’t say a word, just slowly moves his hand to grip his already-hard cock. His strokes are slow and firm, as if he has all the time in the world to play with himself, to draw this out.

“Like what you see, Shan?” he asks, lifting one eyebrow.

I nod, trying to hold his gaze, but it’s intimidating. That my other two husbands are also toying with their cocks begs for my attention.

“Look at me, Shan. We’ll get to them later.”

The command in his voice, something I’ve only heard when he’s practicing his closing arguments, draws my full attention.

“I discovered something interesting about this new body.” He just leaves that lay as he pulls his cock and stares at me.

He’s waiting for me to ask, so I swallow to produce enough moisture to speak. “What?” I squeak.

“I have a knot. See?”

He holds my gaze even longer, then dips his chin as if he’s a King allowing one of his subjects to perform their duties.

When my glance slides down his body, past abs so defined even the thick, black hair can’t hide it, I focus on his cock. I’ve loved his cock from the first time I saw it. No. Before that. When we were dating and I’d notice the hard ridge behind the placket of his slacks, I’d guess at how beautiful it would be when he finally unveiled it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Now I visually examine his hard cock, thicker than it was before. The way he’s tugging on himself obscures the base, until he moves his hand and allows me to see it. It’s a bulb of reddish skin, thicker than the rest of the shaft.

Being in the enclosed space of this hallway, a few feet away from all three of my men—my males—as they’re naked and fondling themselves has been arousing from the moment I emerged from the bathroom. Now, though, a punch of lust surges through my body. That big cock is—bestial.

If the thick hair, elongated snout, and sharp fangs didn’t announce his animal nature loudly enough, this big, thick cock, complete with a knot, certainly does.

He’s talking again, but I can’t understand his words. I’m too focused on his shaft and that clawed hand as it lazily fondles it.

My pussy is clenching, clutching at itself, announcing its lust—and need.

“We’re not the men you married,” he rasps.

Now that my brain kicks in, I realize he said that a few times before I heard it. He knows I’m only focused on one thing. That’s why he’s repeating himself.

He steps closer and leans to put his mouth near my ear. I hadn’t noticed, but he’s not only grown wider in the shoulders and leaner in the waist, he’s taller than he was.

“You have choices.” He tips his head up and down, his cool nose drawing lines at the edge of my cheek. “You could sleep in the spare bedroom.”

My head whips to look at him. Is this what he wants? Is he afraid he’ll try to hurt me like he did Roman?

“Don’t worry, little human. None of us wants to harm you.”

At the words “little human” my body lights up like the city at night. Those two words highlight everything that’s changed in the last two days. They are “other.” They are “animals.” They are “monsters.” And I am, indeed, a little human.

And that sets my body on fire.

Perhaps he knows I’m unable to think, because he pauses until my gaze finds his again.

“You could sleep safely in the spare bedroom. Or…”

Or what? What? What is he going to propose? This feels more momentous than when he proposed we expand our love from two people to three and invite Roman into our bed and into our hearts. More momentous even than when three became four.

“Or we could try to force our new natures into the old way of doing things.”

Again, he pauses, allowing me to picture how things have been done, to recall how we awoke in a writhing pile of pleasure just yesterday morning before the vaccinations. It was love and bliss and full of commitment, but it’s hard to picture doing those same things with a hare and a dragon and this black wolf who is the sexiest thing on the planet.

“Or?” I ask, knowing he’s waiting for this question.

“Or we explore our new natures with each other.”

He just drops that there. Doesn’t elaborate or paint pretty pictures. He simply stops talking and steps back, syncing his lazy jacking hand with the man on his right and the hare on the left.

“Wh-what would that look like?”

“We’ll explore together. I’ve got tonight all planned, but there’s a lot more to explore.”

My clit quivers at the way he emphasizes that last word.

“We’ll keep a pair of handcuffs on both bedside tables. No one’s going to get hurt.” He pauses for emphasis, holding me in his thrall. “Unless that’s what you want.”

I don’t know why I don’t answer immediately. I’m not scared, not of my three mates. And God knows I’ve never been this aroused before. Never.

“You don’t even have to say the word. If you want to play our new games, all you need to do is drop your towel, slide to your knees, and crawl between my legs.”

I don’t give it a moment’s thought. Something about his gruff voice, the power in his gaze, and his claw-tipped finger pointing between his hairy, clawed feet makes my decision for me.

I ease to my knees as instructed, my gaze never leaving his, though I’m dying to look at the cock just inches from my face. Instead, though, I’m waiting for instructions as that needy feeling in my pelvis swirls and tightens and demands more.

“That’s right. Our wife wants to meet our new animal selves,” Alex says. There’s something about his rough voice, the words sounding different because they’re formed with a mouthful of sharp teeth, that makes my tummy feel like I’m in an elevator that just dropped fifty floors in a matter of seconds.

Not only does my body feel like it’s in freefall, my mind does too.

Ro steps to my right, Chaska to my left. Both their cocks are so close to my cheeks I can feel the heat radiating off them, can smell the scent of their pre-cum. It’s completely different than it was before. Wilder.

“I noticed my sense of smell is enhanced,” Alex says, his tone calm, unhurried. “I can smell how aroused you are. Aren’t you, Shan?”

I nod. I can’t hold his gaze anymore. My eyes are focused on his cock, now leaking the prettiest pearl of pre-cum.

“My cum smells different. Can you tell?”

“Mmm,” I nod.

“I imagine it will taste different, too.”

Is he offering? My pelvis, which had been swirling with need, clenches at the thought of just one taste of him.

“Do you want that, Shan?” His voice is so enticing. Deep and gravelly with the promise of everything I’ve ever wanted. “Do you want a taste of my cum?”


I look up at him. He’s so tall, so fierce, so feral.

Just to make sure he knows how much I want what he offered, I tell him. “I want to taste your cum, Alex.”

“Hear that, males?” he asks as if he’s always called them that, though he’s never used the term before. It’s always been guys or men or, in the bedroom, husbands. But they’re not guys or men anymore. They’re monsters, males.

“Here you are.” My confused thoughts finally alight on the right words to describe his voice. Mesmerizing. Hypnotic.

Instead of painting my lips with the object of my desire, he swipes a dab of it onto the pad of his clawed index finger and brings it to his face to smell.

“Yes. Different. Sure you want a taste?”

It dawns on me that he’s not fully Alex anymore. It’s been a day since his transformation. I’ve seen his body change. I saw him almost bite Bo’s neck. But it’s this, this cavalier way he’s teasing me, as if he owns me, that convinces me how different he is. What an animal he is.

I’ve never wanted to fuck him as much as I do right this second.

“Please,” I whimper, giving him puppy dog eyes.

The government took away so much of my control over the last few years, but there’s something about begging for a taste of his cum that feels the opposite of powerless. It’s empowering. Being able to acknowledge my filthy desires, to ask for them out loud, to beg. I’ve never felt so much in control.

“Of course, little human. You only had to ask.” He smiles indulgently.

When he extends his finger, enters my mouth, and grants me that taste of his cum, it explodes on my tongue. He was right. It tastes completely different. Potent. Spicy. Fully bestial.

Whatever was in my vaccination shot wasn’t a placebo.  I may look the same as I did two days ago, but something changed inside me on a cellular level, because that dot of his semen on my tongue sets off a chain reaction of lust that makes my spine jerk back and the muscles strain in my neck.

As soon as I can regain my kneeling posture, back straight, I reach for his cock in an effort to yank him toward my mouth, but he jumps back.

“Naughty female,” he says, his fingers pressing my face into duck lips even as his claws avoid the tiniest scratch.

“Shall we teach our little human who’s in charge, males?” he asks.

My formerly mild-mannered mate’s presence has been so compelling, for the past few minutes I’ve forgotten the other two were there.

“Ask for a taste of my cock,” Ro orders.

His voice is full of force. His furred abs look as though they’re made of steel, his thighs are so thickly muscled he could run a marathon, and his massive cock is dripping for me. Earlier today, I’d wondered if I’d be able to respect the former policeman who backed into the corner of our bedroom when I made too much noise in the kitchen.

Perhaps killing a pack of wolven changed his attitude. He’s not the weakest of our group anymore.

I am.

“Can I… can I taste you, Bo?”

A shiver thrills through me. I love this. I love being theirs—their plaything, their little human.

“Say please,” he goads, his face placid, as if he knows exactly what he’s doing to me. I’m lost to my lust as my channel quivers with wanting him.

“Please, Roman. Please, can I taste a drop of your cum?”

He steps closer and his fur-covered fingers card through my damp hair as he swipes his newly thickened cock against my lips.

“My good little human just earned a nice taste of her monster’s cum,” he says with all the indulgence of a master giving his favorite pet a treat.

I don’t get it. Don’t understand. I’ve got a doctorate. Before the world changed so fundamentally, professors and supervisors called me brilliant.

My three husbands often complied with my wishes over the last few years. I liked having that modicum of power in our intimate relationship. Had I been harboring a hidden desire to submit? Or is this a result of their change? Or mine?

You know what? I don’t give a fuck. My world turned upside down and sideways yesterday. I might die in my sleep tonight. A pack of wolves might crash through the front door no matter how well we reinforced it with extra plywood.

What does it matter if my pussy is dripping wet because I’m on my knees in front of my three monster mates?

“Can I have some more, Bo?” I ask breathlessly. My voice is so servile that a week ago I would have found it pathetic.

I don’t care. I desperately want his cum on my tongue.

Check out Monsters’ Genesis and the rest of the series.

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