Galaxy Pirates Alien Abduction Romance Series Box Set Books 1-4: Sextus, Thantose, Ssly, and Slag

So many hot alien pirates, so little time!

Book 1: Sextus

Sextus is a cynical pirate. Lexa was raised to be a con artist. Can two hard-assed misfits outsmart the bad guy, let down their barriers, and fall in love?

You’d think a relationship couldn’t survive a foundation built on a devious scheme, but when Sextus and Lexa are forced together at the Galaxy Gambling Championship their barriers begin to crumble.

Throw in the Galaxy’s most vicious villain, an art swindle, and credible threats of death and dismemberment, and you have an action-packed, sexy romance full of love, lies, and straight flushes.

Book 2: Thantose

Thantose, the brazen, brash, and ballsy pirate captain, wants me to pull him by a leash, his perfect body barely covered by a bejeweled loincloth. Why? So I can bid on the galaxy’s most expensive porn book.

What could possibly go wrong?


I was abused in every way after being abducted ten years ago. I had the courage and fortitude to survive against all odds. Now the galaxy’s boldest pirate wants me to be his mate. But first I need to complete the journey from surviving to thriving.


Her shipmates call her “Beautiful Brin,” in my mind I call her “MINE.” How do I pursue a female who doesn’t know the meaning of trust?

Book 3: Ssly

Mysterious hover-chariot racer Ssly believes he’s destined to compete in the dangerous sport until the inevitable day his luck runs out. The only thing fueling his will to live is his need to protect his adopted human daughter, Tru.

Until he meets the beautiful human female who challenges his every belief, won’t accept his aloof indifference, and marches into hell with him to prove her love.


An abducted human slave deemed too old to mate escapes to the far end of the galaxy, but has no prospects and no way home. She’s drawn to the mysterious male who keeps his face covered and his head down. He wants little to do with her until he discovers she holds the key to saving his daughter.


Abducted from his planet at the barrel of a laser and forced into slavery, he risked everything to rescue the defenseless human child about to be subjected to his master’s perversions. He kept her safe while on the run until she’s injured. Now he needs the help of the human woman whose interest in him becomes far too personal. Why would she risk her life to save them both? And why can’t he keep her out of his dreams?


Slag is a gentle giant so damaged from his years toiling in the irradiated green salt mines of Rhoid he can barely function except to do his job, eat, and sleep. Something awakens within him, though, causing him to run to KJ’s rescue when she’s thrown into the mine as punishment. Fate has a plan for these two. Will they look beyond what keeps them apart and acknowledge all the reasons they should be together?


Although he can’t talk, his compassionate behavior speaks volumes. After digging through all the layers underneath that rough exterior, there’s so much to admire. Is our connection strong enough to build a relationship?



This multi-layered book contains a shifter who can’t think much less shift, a sojourn in a cave where the only food is an aphrodisiac, rescuing pirates, rampaging wraiths, galloping stallions, flying fire-breathing dragons, larcenous capers, heart-pounding near-misses, and so-cute-you-can’t-stand-it dreambabies. Confused? You won’t be by the time you reach ‘the end’ of this exciting romance that has twists, turns, laughs, and lots of love.

There are sensual, graphic sex scenes throughout this four-book boxed set. Intended for readers 18+.

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