Teach Me: Book One in the Billionaire Doms of Blackstone Series

After a harrowing near-death rollover while avoiding a deer on a snowy backroad, Lily searches for shelter in a blizzard. Awakened from a dead sleep, Dylan Grant opens the door of the only house in sight. Will the bedraggled waitress and the handsome billionaire make a connection so deep they find love?


I’m working three jobs to put myself through school, so it sucks when I get caught in an early October blizzard on my way home through the Colorado mountains. Even worse, my car swerves, then flips in my efforts to avoid a deer. Now on foot with no transportation, I’m afraid of what type of ax murderer will open the door when I finally reach the only house in miles. I take the tall, gorgeous stranger up on his offer of shelter rather than freeze outside in the snow. It’s what happens when the power goes out that surprises us both.


I retreat to my mountain cabin to escape the stresses of running my corporations. All I want is peace and quiet, but I can’t turn the shivering woman away when she ends up at my door with no car and no cell service. Her submissive side begs for my dominance, even though she has no idea that’s what she’s been missing all her life. But one night in front of the fire can’t be the basis for a relationship, can it?

Can two people as different as Dylan and Lily overcome their obstacles, fight their fears, and admit their lava-level attraction to each other? If you like hot, alpha males who take charge, and the women who discover this is what they’ve been craving, buy the Billionaire Doms of Blackstone. These standalone, no cheating, insta-love, happily-ever-after novellas will make you feel warm in all the right ways—and in all the right places!

Publisher’s warning: This book is full of consensual spicy sex scenes with a Dominant male and a woman discovering her submissive side. If this will offend you, Teach Me is not the right book for you.

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