The Galaxy Artificials Series-Idea for the Underground

Here is a picture I had commissioned of one of the bedrooms in the Underground.

My daughter, author Amarra Skye, mentioned Mr. Tfue to me. The moment I watched one of his videos, I not only knew I had to use the concept in one of my books, I knew which book, and exactly how it would work. Down below is one of his videos. It will blow you away how he can create amazing things with an adze (like an axe).

The hero, 420, in The Yearning, Book One in the Galaxy Artificials Series, creates a 400 room Underground on an unihabited desert planet during the over 250 years he is alone there (he’s a robot). I loved the idea of him creating a place for humanoids, fashioning 400 beds and tables and earthen chairs for people he hopes will one day magically arrive.

Lo and behold, people do arrive and take up residence in this wonderland he built knowing he would never sit in even one of the chairs or lie on one of the beds. 

Take a look at the video. I’m sure you will be as amazed and impressed as I was.



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