The Orc's bidding: part of the Monster brides shared world

Larke risks her life when she flees into the Expanse. The orcs who roam there might be cannibals, but the alternative is worse.

Her parents planned to sell Larke on her Bidding Day, but Orric rescues her and shelters her in his mountain home.


She soon discovers the huge, green orc is not only the most honorable male she’s ever met, but his touch makes her pulse race with desire.

Too bad her very presence endangers every orc in the mountain.

To protect the orcs from attack, Larke reluctantly returns home, willing to marry the elderly human who plans to outbid every man in town for her hand in marriage, though it amounts to a lifetime of servitude.

Will Orric risk everything to keep her at his side?


This is part of a shared world with 7 kickass authors.

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