Verik: A Holiday-in-July Romance Book 3 in the Arixxia Fields Steamy Small-Town Romance Series

I’m willing to take any job to pay the bills. The alternative, returning to Earth, is not an option.

The production company filming the Small-town Snowy Holiday movie right in the middle of my adopted town of Arixxia Fields is willing to pay me gobs of money to do hair and makeup for the cast. How bad can the gig be?

The leading male, the galaxy’s hunkiest star, is also the galaxy’s biggest ass. It’s a stroke of luck when, instead of the drunken, arrogant, narcissist, I get to work on his stunt double—the equally hunky super nice guy who can’t take his gaze off me.

Too bad our fiery attraction is forbidden. If I want to keep my salon and be able to pay for unimportant luxuries like food and lodging, Verik and I will have to keep our relationship secret.

How hard can that be in this small town where everyone knows everything about me down to my bra size? (Since everyone else knows, it’s 36C.)

This is Book 3 in the Arixxia Fields series by USA Today Bestselling author Alana Khan. These novellas promise happy holiday fun mashed up with smoldering spicy romance.

Welcome to book three in Pinnacle Award winning author Alana Khan’s Arixxia Fields series. These are quick, fun holiday reads.

This standalone romance contains no cheating and guarantees a happily ever after. For readers 18+.

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