Voxx: Book Two in the Mastered by the Zinn Alien Abduction Romance Series

Five days of mind-numbing passion have forced Victoria to discover things about herself she never would have recognized without Voxx’s masterful behavior. Can she forgive his initial missteps and overbearing behavior? If Voxx can’t convince her to stay with him on Choosing Day, he’s doomed to be without a female forever.
Handsome Voxx from planet Zinn kidnapped me and forced me into the confines of this small ship. He’s used my own weaknesses against me, and I admit I love the things he does to my body. I’ll never like him, though, and I’ll never choose him on Choosing Day.
Victoria screams with passion in our bed, but rejects me the other hours of the day. I need to intensify my efforts. It’s Day Six and I only have the fourteen days of the Quest to make her agree to return to Zinn with me forever.
I never anticipated the devastating effect my essence would have on her. Now I’m racing against time to keep her alive.
If you like dominant males who can curl your toes and love you forever, and smart human women who find them hard to resist, buy Voxx, Book 2 in this sexy trilogy. You’re guaranteed a happily ever after.
Publisher’s Note: This is the second book of a trilogy and contains elements of Dominance and submission and a cliffhanger. If these things offend you, or if you’ve ever thought a book had too much sex, please don’t buy this book.
Intended for mature audiences.

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