Voxx: Book Three in the Mastered by the Zinn Alien Abduction Romance Series

What will win the struggle? Victoria’s head or heart? She can’t deny the bliss Voxx provides her body and she cares for him deeply, but her mind is determined to return home at the expiration of the mandated fourteen-day Quest.
I gave up fighting days ago. Our physical relationship is heaven, and I care for Voxx from Zinn. Can I say goodbye to everything I hold dear on Earth?
I’ve compromised for Victoria, told her I love her, and even sweetened the deal by adding my best friend to the mix. Now the decision is in her hands. If she leaves, my friend Lann and I will both be doomed to loveless lives without her.
If you like dominant males looking for their true mate, and smart human women who succumb to their charms, buy Voxx, Book 3, the final installment in this sexy trilogy. You’re guaranteed a happily ever after.
Publisher’s Note: This is the third book of a trilogy and contains elements of Dominance and submission and M/F/M sex (no M/M). If any of these things offend you, or if you’ve ever thought a book had too much sex, please don’t buy this book.
Intended for a mature audience.

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