Wrage: Book Eleven in the Galaxy Gladiators Alien Abduction Romance Series

Elyse is convinced only drunkards and children tell the truth and believes the insults Wrage hurled at her were unforgivable. Except no one told him the local brew was ten times more potent to his race than any other. Their relationship is forged on this major blunder and doesn’t get any better when Elyse agrees to be legally mated to earn her freedom and doesn’t learn that divorce isn’t allowed until after the branding ceremony. With a beginning like this, how can a sexy alien and sassy human not fall in love?


Okay, I’ll admit, his angsty attitude doesn’t diminish his white-hot appeal. And since our catastrophic introduction he’s done everything but get down on his knees and apologize–oh yeah, that comes later and . . . wow, that apology was hot enough to melt titanium. At any rate, even if I’m falling for the male who’s already my mate, we need to keep our hands to ourselves, right? I mean why let emotions get in the way when we’re mandated by law to stay together forever?


I’m the first to admit we got off to a rocky start, but she was the one who was sober when the officiant branded us during our mating ceremony. I find her beautiful, though, and when she lets down her protective walls, how can I help but fall for her?

This enemies to lovers standalone in the Galaxy Gladiators series has everything–action, fighting, near-death experiences, and climaxes. Yeah, lots and lots of climaxes. Alana thinks this is her most romantic book thus far, even if these two have a rough beginning.

Wrage has flying camels, a reptilian villain, and dancing in the stars–really. As well as cool vocal licks, a virtual trip to the Copacabana, and of course an evil parent thrown in to round out the trials and tribulations Alana throws at these two deserving souls before they get their guaranteed happily ever after.

If you like handsome alien males with a knack for heroism, and females who save the day more than once, you’ll love Wrage. This standalone book has no cheating or cliffhangers.

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