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“So impatient,” Jarrn says, shaking a claw my way. A sly smile rises on his face, revealing his glorious tusks. There’s something primal and wild about him, and I need to feel it. Taste it. With a growl, he climbs up over me, and for a second, a hint of the vulnerable guy I’ve come to care for shadows his eyes. “You’re sure, Del?”

I put my arms around his shoulders. “I’ve never been more sure of anything but you, Jarrn. Always you.”

His shy expression is replaced with need. He kisses me, slanting his mouth across mine, and his hands start roaming, stroking my sides and teasing up beneath my breasts. He leaves my mouth, and I tremble as his warm breath caresses my skin, sending a wave of heat through my body. His soft kisses slowly make their way down my neck, working across my chest in circles. He pauses to run his tongue across my nipple, and I nearly lift right off the bed. The sensation is more intense than anything I’ve experienced before, and I want more. It feels so right and true, because I’m with him.

I tease his hair and stroke his neck, gliding my fingers down to cup his shoulders.

He sucks my nipple into his mouth and scrapes one of his tusks across it. A hoarse cry erupts from my throat, something feral and wild.

“Jarrn,” I cry, still unable to believe he wants to be with me, that he feels the same way. I’ve longed for him for so long, but I never thought we’d be together.

He looks up at me as he sucks my nipple and areola into his mouth. His fingers tease my other nipple, rolling it into a tight bud. If the only thing we did was this for the rest of the night, it would be enough. Hell, if he keeps it up, I’m going to come from nipple action alone.

He leaves my nipple and swirls his tongue down my chest to my belly. Even that feels good, but heat is building inside me. If he doesn’t do something about it soon, I’m going to explode,

A thin layer of sweat coats my body, and my desire for him grows with each passing second. His lips move lower, traveling down the round of my belly. He kisses my thighs before nudging them apart. I can’t help but feel exposed, yet it’s electrifying at the same time.

My muscles tense with anticipation as he moves between my legs and takes in the sight of me. I’m overcome with a sense of vulnerability, but it’s quickly replaced by an all-consuming need between my legs. His hands part me further, and his tongue begins to explore, licking up my slit and pausing at the top to glide around my clit.

I’m overcome with anticipation, feeling my own need building, churning within me. I can see his desire mirrored in his eyes—a deep, aching longing that almost breaks my heart. His fingertips trace a line from my inner thigh up to the dark curls between my legs. My muscles clench with anticipation and I bite back a moan as his warm breath washes over me. I’m exposed to him in a way that I’ve never been before and I’m suddenly afraid. Is he as into this as I am? It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more. But I’ll shatter if he doesn’t truly want me.

The burning ache between my legs feels like a fire growing into an inferno. I want him to quench the flames—and make them burn brighter. His hands spread me open further, and he slides his finger into my wetness.

His groan rumbles through him, quivering into my flesh. “You’re amazing, Delia. So sweet and fiery. I have to taste all of you.”

Hearing his need makes mine shoot through the roof. I’m consumed by my feelings for him and by what he’s doing to me now.

I buck up to meet his mouth as he sucks on my clit, rolling it between his teeth before fluttering his tongue across it.

When he pushes two fingers inside me, my keen slices through the room. I’m writhing on the bed, and the entire ship’s crew could stomp into the room and I wouldn’t care as long as Jarrn didn’t stop.

I clutch his horns, holding him in place. I’m a needy thing, and only his mouth and fingers will satisfy me now.

His tongue swipes across my tight bud as he pumps his fingers deep within me, swirling them around and dragging them across my G-spot with each thrust.

I arch off the bed to meet him, my eyes rolling back in my head. All I can focus on is the crest of each wave he drags me over. I open my heart to meet the next, rushing up over it and soaring down the other side.

More waves rush toward me, and each one is bigger than the last. I’m not sure I can take much more, but I hold tight to his horns and urge him on. If I fall, I know he’ll catch me.

I’m lost to sensation as he teases me higher and higher until I’m trembling on the edge of something I’ve craved almost since the moment I met him.

He mumbles something against my clit, and even the hum of his voice pushes me higher. I’m bucking and shrieking. Begging, even.

“Come for me. It’s mine. Give it to me,” he growls before returning to suck on my clit once more. “Come.” The last I can barely understand but it reverberates through my bones.

An orgasm shoots through me, catching me and taking me higher than I’ve ever gone before.

I crash down, collapsing on the bed.

Jarrn looks up at me and grins, licking his lips.

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