The Galaxy Games Series

I got the idea for this series for Amazon’s latest platform: Vella. The book is uploaded in episodes and released in intervals of the author’s choosing. I thought it would be fun and stretch my writing abilities. (Now these books are on the regular Amazon platform as well as Vella).

My goal was to cram all the romance and action possible onto the page, then leave each episode on a cliffhanger. Down to One was a blast, leaving the reader wondering how the H and h going to get their happily ever after when all but one entry in The Game had to die. I figured it out and left readers on the edge of their seats waiting to see how the hero and heroine were going to wind up together.

Down to Two actually upped my game by adding timed deadlines to the mix with this standalone set in the same world with different characters. And, heck, why not continue with the naming convention by calling the third book Down to Three? Of course, this had to be a menage.

Check them out. These are action-packed, full of heat and will keep you turning pages past your bedtime!

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