Dhoom Launches 4-10-2022

Dhoom Launches 4-10-2022


I was just re-reading Dhoom for the millionth time. No matter how many times I re-read a book, I always find so many sentences I can improve. It’s something I love to do.

As I was reading, I found this wonderful quote I wanted to share.

Dhoom and Naomi have been sizzling in the background of all four previous Galaxy Sanctuary books. To say they don’t get along is an understatement.

Naomi can be a bit… brittle. (The other women call her bitchy).

Dhoom is the story of Naomi and Dhoom’s growing connection and, ultimately, their love story. When Dhoom decides Naomi is his, nothing can get in his way. Here’s this short snippet from his point of view.

“I want to awaken in my mate’s arms, kiss her awake, and make love to her, showing her with my body the love I hope I display with my behavior. I want her to know how important she is to me, how beloved.”

One of my favorite things as an author is to provide a character arc for both my heroines and heroes where they can grow to their full potential.

With both of the lead characters having some baggage, it is a pleasure to see them shed their history, fall in love, and create an amazing future together.


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