Down to One Snippet

I’m editing D͟o͟w͟n͟ ͟t͟o͟ ͟O͟n͟e͟, which launches 3-27-22, and just came across this quote.

Blaze and Titan have been thrown into a deadly game where only one person can emerge alive. Along the way, they’ve fallen for each other hard, even knowing there can’t be a good outcome, since in the end it all comes Down. To. One.

Here’s a poignant quote from Blaze:

“I’ve had a shit life, Titan. Admitting that this will be the highlight of my life isn’t really saying much. So let me tell you…” I pause as my mind casts about for the best thing I could possibly tell him.

“I used to dream, in the before-times, before the world, the galaxy, kicked the shit out of me one too many times.

“When I used to dream, when I allowed it, I dreamed of a man, a male, who would look at me the way you do. A male who had strength but had the passion to match. One who was courageous enough to show it to me. In my wildest dreams, I was never bold or imaginative enough to dream of a male as good as you.”

Awww. I know I wrote it, but I have to gush and tell you these two are spectacular together.


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